Aidans first day of school!

Aidans first day of school!
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Friday, March 11, 2011

Is your beauty skin deep?

When you put makeup on your beautiful face is that beauty it only skin deep. The next time you grab the lotion and rub it on your hands, think of your heart. What if every time you took vitamins, purchased cosmetics or stepped on the scale, you felt a warm feeling in your heart, the warmth, that you were making a difference in so many lives of those with intellectual disabilities?

It all comes from money that you would be spending anyway, probably on products that are not as good for you as you think. Products from companies that are not concerned about you or your planets future.
Now that is what we like to call feel good consumption.

After a quick setup with Aidans Freinds Network the money you are now spending helps kids and families with special needs. You will know I am reducing my carbon footprint, and improving my families health.
We are looking at an app for your phone that will order product with a simple text. Everything from golf balls to laundry detergent all with a couple of key strokes, right to your door. Talk about feel good convience. Never has it been so easy to feel good about helping others with items you need anyway.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Just what are you asking me to do?

A good friend and I were talking about Aidans Friends Network and ask me , Ron, just what are you asking me to do? I told him that I wanted him buy direct from manufactures the items that he buys for his family and business, on a regular basis. The: hair, skin, nutritional, paper product, furnace filters and anything else like deoderants softener salts and light bulbs, ya know those items you buy every month or so that you need on a regular interval. I would love to create an app that scans these items and sends them to your doorstep right from the company that makes it. Saving all that fuel shipping it all over the U.S. plus the added benifit of a commision going to a special needs loved one or even your favorite charity. I am so excited about this venture and very puzzled how difficult it has been to gain volunteers to support our efforts. It costs you nothing to join. You can claim the green carbon reduction of fuel costs not to mention the partnering with green companies. It benifits special needs kids and thier families to help with medical bills.
"But why is this not a non profit"? He asks. We would not qualify to pay out the commisions to individuals and recieve non profit statues. Now that said the funds that a person earns that are then donated are deductable as a charitable contribution. In the grand plan of this we raise the funds for others to donate or use to support those with special needs.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fund Raising From Regular Spending.

Every non profit has an oppurtunity to raise funds from their supporters and events that they are missing out on. The spending we do as non profits can be a huge source of funding, but is lost because we dont tap into it. What I am refering to is the: printing, computers, rentals, tables, chairs, food, and most all the other things that for one reason or another are not items that are donated to our charities.
How are you going to tap into that peice of fundraising without loosing your 501C3 statues? Well that is where Aidans Friends Network can help out. We are currently setting up partnerships with :printers, caterers, rental companies and many more entities that we use at most of our events. What happens then is our network utilizes the event for awarness of our non competing cause, (being we actually make our members money) and give all profits from the event as a donation back to the original charity. The people we recruit into our network can make some money with our help, having even more to donate to your organization, it's all good all around.

Monday, February 7, 2011

When is there to much silly.

Aidan is now 6 years old and having trouble with his behavior in school. Every parent with a child with special needs adores the silly that may last longer with these kids, but when is there to much silly? I have decided to try and curve the silly behavior at times when Aidan must be serious. It must seem harsh for others looking on to see such a sweet boy with a million dollar smile chastized by his father when all he wants to do is play and be silly. But when it comes to potty training, and getting along with classmates by keeping his hands to himself, well Aidan is challenged.

I have tried many different tactics to curve this type of behavior and some have worked and some not so much. (As I write this we had a successful poopy on the potty Yeah!) The issue is when Aidan gets to the point where you are trying to correct that behavior he wants to make you laugh, (and it works often). A typical child learns quickly that is not the time for silly laughter. It seems that when a child has a special condition like Aidans Down syndrome most people cannot resist the smiles and laughter and end up breaking out laughing. This does not help Aidan understand, that what had done, just then, was not the behavior we are looking for.
It has been my experience that putting Aidan in time out right away, not letting him get to my silly bone, is the best approach. This way he stops trying to get me to laugh, and when he gets out of time out (a minute per yr old) I make him tell me what behavior made him get the time out. I'm no genius as you can tell by my blogging abilities, but it is starting to sink in.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Aidans Friends Network (AFN)

Let me take a moment to explain just why we add links to our tweets, facebook and other social media. The goal is to touch the lives of those with special needs and thier caregivers. We intend to give all an opportunity to purchase products from our affiliates and pass commisions on to these people who need our help the most. The average parent dreams of big things for thier children, and those of us with a child of special needs (like my son Aidan), the hope is for a healthy happy future.

Some of these folks will not be able to enter a standard career do to thier limitations, and Aidans Friends Network gives them the choice of a non physical way of making a living all the while helping find great deals for thier loved ones. This will fill thier lives with great satisfaction, and isn't that what most of us search for.

Please repost and retweet any messages that you recieve and pass the word to any and all families and friends of the special needs that we are here and want to help them too. We use a spillover design to make sure everone that comes to us has the same chance to make a diiference in this world.

Please visit

All commisions go to special needs kids.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Ward of the state?

In the social network of kids with special needs ther is this stigma about how much their child is worth according to the state they live in. The idea behind this is, that if he/she has more than a certain amount of money to their name than when they turn 18 they will not be able to receive government assistance. Now I do understand these parents trying to look out for thier kids future health benifits, but do we as parents want to let insurance companies and state officials regulate our loved ones lives just becuse they happen to have special needs? I have to say no.
In learning your child is born wiith less than a "typical" developmental future most parents realize within the first few days that thier childs future is going to have so many more challenges. I would venture to say most parents do not invision a future of prosparity and dare not to say success at least in the way society sees success. To think of our childrens future as independent middle class with a house family and strong career is not what I am hearing from the people I have talked to.
This is what inspired me to develop Aidans Friends Network. This network is made up of friends and loved ones of the special needs in each of our lives. Mine is my 6yr old son Aidan with Down Syndrome. Aidan also has a heart defect and was blinded in one eye from an infection after surgury. He will not be able to have an ordinary job like others are able to find in industry, for the safety issue alone.
Aidans Friends Network is available to all those out there with a need for a little help in life. We can set up your loved one with an ID that will track any commisions associated with traffic sent in thier name, and they can earn a living helping thier friends and family with great deals on the internet. If you attend any of the events for you particular situation or use facebook, twitter email, text message you tube and many more, you can easily create this traffic with little extra effort. Let me show you how. Email me at and we can get started. No risk, No spam, No hassle, NO COST!


Monday, January 10, 2011

Social media is bigger than Google

I just read a news article stating that in 2010 social media marketing is bigger than google. You have probably seen the ads or urls in tweets and facebook. These little bits of info send you to sites or landing pages while the person posting the ad earns a commision if you: purchase, leave info or sometimes just showing up. It is an exciting time to know that the little guy can have such an impact in marketing. My little guy is my 6yr old son Aidan. He has Down syndrome that contributes to his heart defect. Aidan also lost the sight in his left eye after an infection from a minor surgary. These little bites of information are some of the vehicles I want to use to provide an income for special needs people. If you are the loved one of such a wonderful special needs person please follow us, shop with us, we would love to do the same for your special kiddo.
We also set up Aidans friends network. Websites like and
You can drop us an email at for info on how to help your little one.